K-Beauty 101: Unraveling the Philosophy of Korean Aesthetics

A course by Dr Inyong Kim

K-Beauty 101: Unraveling the Philosophy of Korean Aesthetics

A course by Dr Inyong Kim

Dive into the essence of Korean aesthetics. Learn cutting-edge trends, procedures, and skincare from leading Korean experts. Perfect for enhancing aesthetic and plastic surgery practices.

Overview of K-Beauty 101: Unraveling the Philosophy of Korean Aesthetics Course

Elevate medical expertise in K-Beauty 101 course. Learn from top Korean specialists, master latest aesthetic trends, procedures, skincare, and tech. Ideal for expanding plastic surgery and aesthetic practices.

Who is the ideal audience for this course?

Ideal for healthcare practitioners in plastic surgery, aesthetics, and skincare enthusiasts looking to elevate their expertise with K-Beauty insights.

Professionals who diagnose and treat skin conditions will benefit from the course's deep dive into K-Beauty's holistic approach, enhancing their repertoire with innovative skincare techniques.

Plastic Surgeons

As experts in reconstructive and cosmetic procedures, plastic surgeons will gain insights into the latest K-Beauty surgical trends, ensuring they remain at the forefront of aesthetic innovations.

Cosmetic Surgeons

This course offers cosmetic surgeons a comprehensive understanding of K-Beauty's unique aesthetic principles, enabling them to offer patients the latest in non-invasive beauty enhancements.

Aesthetic Surgeons

For those specializing in enhancing physical appearance, the course provides a gateway to the world of K-Beauty's advanced procedures, ensuring they deliver the most contemporary treatments to their clients.

General Practitioners in Aesthetic Clinics (with a Diploma in Anti-Aging or similar)

GPs working in aesthetic clinics will discover how K-Beauty seamlessly merges traditional wisdom with modern science, allowing them to provide holistic anti-aging solutions to their patients.

Other Healthcare Professionals in Aesthetic Medicine

Whether they're researchers, therapists, or clinicians, these professionals will find the course invaluable for understanding the philosophy and techniques that make K-Beauty a global leader in aesthetics.

Course Content: Dive into K-Beauty Philosophy & Practices

This course is meticulously structured into three comprehensive modules. Two of these modules offer a series of recorded videos, while the third provides an interactive live session, granting you the opportunity to directly address any queries you might have.

Module 1: Navigating the New Wave of Filler Injections

Lesson 1: Delve into K-Beauty's Layered Anatomy. Experience the harmonious blend of time-honored wisdom with contemporary skincare techniques, mastering the art of tailored multilayering for luminous skin.

Module 2: Expert Insights on Filler Injection Techniques

Lesson 1: Perfect the Art of Mid-face Contouring
Lesson 2: The Synergy of Anti-aging Fillers and Advanced Energy Devices
Lesson 3: The Intricacies of Pan-facial Filler Injections Unveiled

Module 3: Engaging Panel Discussion

Participate in a dynamic panel discussion and Q&A session. This is your chance to engage in a rich dialogue with seasoned experts, sparking deep and enlightening conversations.

Meet your instructors

Know your experts on K-Beauty 101: Unraveling the Philosophy of Korean Aesthetics course

Dr Hosung Choi

Medical Doctor

Dr. Choi, Chief Director at PIENA Aesthetic Medical Clinic in Gangnam, Seoul, boasts 16 years as a cosmetic surgeon. An alumnus of YONSEI University College of Medicine, he's a recognized board member of the Korean Aesthetic Surgery & Laser Society. Dr. Choi is renowned both domestically and internationally, specializing in facial contouring using various techniques. He's a sought-after speaker at global conferences, emphasizing non-invasive facial rejuvenation.

Dr Inyong Kim

Medical Doctor, Dermatologist

A distinguished dermatologist, Dr. Kim graduated from the Catholic University of Daegu School of Medicine. He's carved a niche in facial rejuvenation, particularly using HIFU and RF devices in tandem with Voluming. Dr. Kim's expertise is widely acknowledged, making him a leading figure in the realm of dermatological advancements.

Dr Jewan Kaiser Hwang

Medical Doctor

Dr. Hwang is a pioneer of the Kaiser method, emphasizing a holistic approach to aesthetics. Globally recognized as an instructor, he's contributed to numerous device inventions. With over 300 lectures at both national and international conferences on Aesthetic Medicine & Laser, Dr. Hwang's expertise is undeniably profound.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is K-Beauty 101 about?
South Korea is globally recognized for its innovative and advanced beauty procedures, fueled by a culture that values wellness and appearance. South Korea has the highest rate of cosmetic procedures per capita worldwide, making it a ground zero for novel treatments and techniques. The country's booming beauty industry is well-renowned for its high standards, rigorous quality control, and constant innovation. South Korea has given world renowned brands and treatments such as BB Cream, snail mucin skincare, and advanced aesthetic procedures like Ultherapy facelift, stem cell facials, and skin rejuvenation therapies. This level of innovation and expertise positions South Korea as a global leader in the aesthetic industry.
How did we choose the instructors?
Our instructors are renowned dermatology and aesthetic specialists from South Korea, home to the world's most advanced beauty procedures. They come from a diverse array of backgrounds, with experience in both research-based dermatology and practical aesthetic applications. Their expertise ranges from developing new skincare products to pioneering minimally invasive beauty procedures. They are leaders in their fields, with numerous accolades and years of experience in teaching and training. These esteemed professionals have a deep understanding of the science and art of aesthetics, honed in the cradle of innovation that is the South Korean beauty industry. They are excited to share their knowledge, insights, and practical tips to help other medical professionals elevate their skills and practices.
What is the format and duration of the course?
The course adopts a flexible hybrid format, allowing on-demand video access to suit your schedule. It includes interactive live discussions with instructors. This flexibility caters to both working professionals and enthusiasts alike.
What sets this course apart?
It's led by industry-leading Korean specialists, offering an immersive experience in authentic K-Beauty practices.
Can international participants join?
Absolutely, the course is open to participants from South East Asia, Taiwan and Japan.
Are certificates provided?
Yes, participants receive a certificate upon course completion.

K-Beauty 101: Unraveling the Philosophy of Korean Aesthetics

A course by Dr Inyong Kim

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